Hello Fairway Golfers,


Well, another Fairway Golf League season came to an official end with our Club Championship this past Saturday.  We had beautiful weather, great camaraderie, good golf, and good food.   It takes a significant amount of work to have a successful tournament, so a big thank you to all who helped.  I am going to resist naming names because I am certain I will miss someone.  However, you saw/heard who was working the heck out of the computer,  who was putting up the scores and triple checking the skins payouts, who solicited door prizes, who provided music/pa system, and who was helping to clean up at the end. 


Congratulations to our League Champions  Al Williams/Clay Dixon/Jake Wells.    Congratulations to ourClub Champion, Tony Yancey with score of 75.  League winners follow and the complete list of our championship winners is attached.


2nd Place – Team 7 – Bob Sankey/ Ron Hunter?

3rd Place –  Team 11- Greg Fowler/ Michael Peterson

4th Place – Team 22 – Clarence Darden/ Jon Hardin did not secure their 3rd Place

5th Place – Team 18 – Morry Gray/ Rhea Gray

6th Place – Team 28 – Dorian Vauls/ Ken Cobb did not maintain of their 5th Place status

7th Place – Team 3 – Tony Yancey/ Frank Baker in the money

8th Place – Team 33 – Greg Lawson/ Kevin Peavy in the money

9th Place –  Team 12 – Bob Reed/ Melvin Clark (surprise gift 3 lottery tickets each—for 3 way tie)

There is a saying that goes,  “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  Well, we had our lemons this year – the closing of Madden and the Pandemic.  However I must say that our lemonade was delicious.  Even though we had league play at a different course, a shortened 12-week season, a one day championship instead of two, and only intra-club outings (Fairway Fireworks Friday, On the Road Again, & Spice of Life), we had a good year and a good time. 


Here’s looking forward to a great 2021 season.  If you have any suggestions regarding our intra-intercity events, please let us know. 


Until then…


Linda and Annette