I’ve been inducted into the Dayton Skyscrapers!  I’m truly honored!!
VISUAL VOICES 2020: DAYTON SKYSCRAPERS at the Schuster Center February 8-April 5, 2020.
Visual Voices 2020
Each year, Victoria Theatre Association partners with Shango: Center for the Study of African American Art and Culture, and Willis “Bing” Davis, exhibit curator and director of EbonNia Gallery, to display an exhibit of art by local African-American artists inside the Schuster Center.
This year’s exhibit, at the Schuster Center February 8-April 5, titled 2020 Dayton Skyscrapers features the work of African-American visual artists from the Miami Valley. These artists have researched prominent African-American’s (living or deceased) who have made a mark in their field and are role models for the community. This year’s exhibiting artists are: ABNER COPE, SHON CURTIS, DWAYNE DANIEL, CLIFFORD DARRETT, GREGG DEGROAT, HORACE DOZIER, LOIS FORTSON KIRK, AL HARDEN, MORRIS HOWARD, JAMES PATE, FRANCES TURNER, ANDREA WALKER-CUMMINGS, and YVETTE WALKER DALTON.
The 2020 exhibit reflects the broad and diverse career fields of African-Americans in the Dayton and Miami Valley region. They are: DAVE CHAPPELLE, NORRIS COLE, MATILDA DUNBAR, NOZIPO GLENN, JULIA B. RAGLAND GREEN, DORIAN HAREWOOD, JOHN LEGEND, EDYTHE LEWIS, JOHNNY DILLARD LYTLE, JEFFREY MIMS, SYLVIA JEANNE PATE, TY A. STONE, MARY LOU TUCKER, DR. JOHN THOMAS WEBB, and MICHAEL L. WRIGHT. (posted 2/13/20)